10 Best Places Visit in Sri Lanka

Making a list of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka, kind of a complicated task. Because Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful travel destinations that you must visit as a traveler. There are waterfalls, rain forests, amazing beaches, and temples too. You can explore and do a lot of activities here, If you love to go on a picnic, there are a lot of places that suit you. And also you are a wildlife lover, you also have a lot of places to explore. Here is our list of the Best 10 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka.




10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

The first best place to visit in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya rock. This is called “The lion rock”. And it is called the eighth wonder of the world. This was the kingdom of King Kashyapa who was the greatest king in Sri Lanka. It is made with black rock and it has some unique arts and unique technologies that you can see. If you visit Sigiriya, you can see ponds on top of the rock. It is a hidden technology that shows how the ponds were made and how there are water-filled ponds. 


It will take 2 to 3 hours to climb the rock. When you get to the rock, you can see a beautiful garden, ponds with lotus flowers, and a terrace. There is a museum too. You can explore the history of this amazing royal place in the museum.  It is a kind of adventure tour. You have to climb the rock with the stairs that are naturally made and men made too. When you are on top of the Sigiriya rock, you can see beautiful scenery when looking down. There are unique paintings that you can see on the walls. And there is a mirror wall with written poems by the visitors. 


The history of the Sigiriya is based on King Kashyapa. King Kashyapa killed his own father to get the throne. Then the Capital city was Anuradhapura. King Kashyapa had a brother named Moggallana. After killing the father, King Kashyapa left the Capital city and built a safe kingdom in Sigiriya ancient city. But the Moggallana came to a war with King Kashyapa and there was no chance to win for Kashyapa. He cut his own throat because of losing the war. After winning the war, King Moggallana reinstated Anuradhapura city as the capital again. He left the Sigiriya to monks. 


2-Yala National Park


Yala National Park
Yala National Park

Do you like to explore wildlife? If you are heading to Sri Lanka, you will be able to visit natural wildlife here. Yala National Park is one of the most popular wildlife parks in Sri Lanka. It is popular for its leopard presence. If you visit Yala National Park, you can see a lot of animals that live free. There are accommodation places near the wildlife park, but there is no harm to animals. Elephants and other animals live in the Yala National Wildlife Park. 

Yala National Park is known as Ruhunu National Park too. This amazing wildlife park is located between Hambantota district and Monaragala district. If you are heading from Colombo, you have a 305km distance to the park. The entrance to the park is in the Tissamaharama. There is a popular beach named Kirinda near the Yala National Park. You can reach the beach in 20km. 

You can see a lot of animals in this park. Elephants, Birds, and Butterflies types, and other rare animals too. You can get photographs of nature, life and wildlife. You can have your lunch inside the park. There is a beachside inside of the park. There are safari vehicles at the entrance point. You and your group can get a safari jeep and explore the wildlife. 

If you are lucky, you can see real leopards here. And how the elephants play around the park. Here, you have to law your sounds and slowly explore the beauty of the wildlife. If you are on a tour in Sri Lanka, you have to save a full day at the Yala Safari. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that still have wildlife national parks. So, you must visit this magical place. 

3-Galle Face Green


Galle Face Green
Galle Face Green


Galle Face Green is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and it is near the Katunayake Airport. The Galle Face Green is the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island. But you cannot find a beach to picnic or an evening walk in Colombo. Yeah, Colombo is the same as the capital city here. However, Galle Face Green is an easy to find and crowded beach in Colombo. There you can feel a sunny hot beach. Remember you will see a lot of umbrellas here. So bring an umbrella and picnic mat. Because this is very suitable for family picnics. If you are on a tour in Sri Lanka and you are staying in a hotel in Colombo, you will have a few meters to walk to the beach. 

This beach is not for swimming. The waves are very hard to bear. There is a bridge, you can go up there and have a peaceful panorama there. We recommend the best time to go to this beach is evening and at night. There are tiny food outlets. You can taste Sri Lankan cuisine and Sri Lankan street foods like wadei,roti, and spicy foods. 

This beach is rarely uncrowded. Because everyone loves to be here and get free with the sounds of waves. Colombo is a highly crowded city, so there are fewer places to relax. Galle Face Green is a place to jog too. There are benches and green ground. If you need to have a full night near the beach, this is the best place to do that. Galle Face Green is the place where people celebrate the year ends, and the new year eves in Sri Lanka. If you come here on the 31 of December, you can see people singing and playing musical instruments and also fireworks in the sky. 

4-Sinharaja Forest Reserve


Sinharaja Rain Forest
Sinharaja Rain Forest


Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the last tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka. This forest is declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. There are 830 endemic species in Sri Lanka, and most of them can be found in the Sinharaja Rainforest. There are rare trees and animals in the forest. From all the trees in the forest. 60% of them are species for Sri Lanka and rare lives. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is spread over 6000 hectares. 

The Sinharaja Rainforest is covered with cloudy sky and it is also known as the kingdom of the lions. You can see a lot of endemic birds and endemic mammals here. If you are a nature lover and love to see animal’s lives, this is the best place and uniquely designed by nature. If you are planning a tour in Sri Lanka, surely you must be planning to visit Galle ancient city. After visiting Galle city, you can explore the Sinharaja Rain Forest too. It will take a full day to visit the forest. Make sure to be prepared for an adventure. There is a vast number of natural life in the forest, so you have to maintain low sounds when you are talking. Don’t sing loudly and make sure not to use alcohol while walking in the jungle. 

Wear shoes and bring glasses to wear because there are a lot of insects flying freely around the forest. You can see colorful butterflies and every kind of bird. Since this is a world heritage, you have to care about the safety of the nature of this place. Make sure to keep footprints and take all the polyethene with you. Get photographs without harming the animals. There are water resources, mini waterfalls, and ponds there. Feel the coolness of the water and the water lives here.


5-The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic


Temple of Tooth Relic
Temple of Tooth Relic


Are you a Buddhist? You may be a Buddhist, maybe not. But definitely, you have heard about Buddhism and the Lord Buddha. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is one of the main religious places for every Buddhist. There is a golden roof in the temple and there is a lake and a terrace around the temple. Since this is a religious place, you have to make sure to wear a covered dress and you cannot wear shoes inside of the temple. Don’t worry if you are wearing a short dress, you can get a cloth to cover your shoulders and legs at the entrance point. 

Inside of a casket, the tooth of Lord Buddha is in here. You will not be able to see it because it has to be protected. Since this is the main place for Buddhists, you can see museums and small temples around the main temple. Temple of the Tooth is in Kandy city. If you are traveling from Colombo, you can travel by bus or train. If you travel by bus, it takes 3 hours to reach Kandy. You can explore how Sri Lankan do their prayers and how they worship at the temple. 

There are flower shops outside the temple. You can buy flowers, oil and light lamps. If you travel here on a poya day, it will be crowded because they are doing their sil campaigns. There are travel guides that you can hire. They will guide the history of the temple and the directions to all the corners of the temple. You can see unique wall paintings on the walls. After visiting the temple, you can have a walk around the lake. There are benches so you can sit and have a relaxing time there. 


6-Bentota Beach


Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka
Bentota Beach


Sri Lanka is an island that has a sea around the ground. Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. If you are on a tour in Sri Lanka, you must be waiting to visit a beach. Bentota beach is one of the best beaches in this country. You have a large shore area to play and do picnics. There is clean sand and clear waves that call to swim. 

If you are coming from Colombo, you can get here by train easily. There is a small train station called Bentota Railway Station. When you get off the train, you will see the beach in front of you. First, you will meet a playground. If you like to play cricket, volleyball with the sounds of sea waves here is the best place for you. There are hotels near the railway station too. It will solve your accommodation problem. 

Make sure to bring a swimsuit and sunscreen. Bentota beach is a sunny and clear crystal-watered sea. If you walk away along the beach, you will find a peaceful shore with no crowd over the ground area. There are rocks that you can sit there and see the sunsets and sunrise. Bentota beach is the best panorama to see a beautiful sunset. 

Once you enjoy the Bentota beach with swimming and your picnic date, you can walk backward to Aluthgama city. There you can see fishermen who are fishing with amazing techniques. And there is a temple called “Kande Viharaya ” which has a giant statue of the Lord Buddha. You can see the elephant of the temple too. You can reach there with a tuk-tuk ride. It is around 10km from Aluthgama city. 


7-The Old Town of Galle


Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka
Galle Fort


Galle Old City, Fortiled City is one of the historical cities in Sri Lanka. In 1587, the Portuguese took this city from the Sri Lankans. They built walls around the city and made a fort to get secure from the locals. After that, Dutch took the city and built the city with fortified walls and designed the fort with dutch architecture. They built Christian churches, museums, and also hospitals too. This is the historical background of the city. Still, you can see all the ancient walls, churches, and also how the building structure was designed. 

You can easily reach the Galle Fort from the train station and also the bus stand. Explore the fort freely. There are see some shops that sell Sri Lankan unique items such as arts, statues, and also Sri Lankan foods. If you love to taste Thai or Chinese foods, you will be able to try them at the Galle Fort food outlets. 

You can easily reach the beach from the Galle Fort. The best time to visit Galle City in August. August is the time that Sri Lankans fly kites. And it is a sunny town when it comes to August. You can make or buy a kite and fly it. The beach near you is a calm and clear sea. If you love to jog in a historic old city, Galle City is the best place for that. There are roads filled with very beautiful architectured shops. We recommend visiting this amazing city at night time. Because the lights and the waves will make your experience better. If you are planning a tour in Sri Lanka, Make sure to visit Galle City as first on the list. 


8-Polonnaruwa Sacred City




Eight hundred years ago, Polonnaruwa was the city where kings ruled the central plains of Sri Lanka from Polonnaruwa. If you are coming from Colombo, it will take 5 hours to reach the city. There are 225 kilometers to travel. You can travel by train or bus. If you can rent a vehicle from Colombo, it will be easy to travel around the city. Here you can find temples and stupas that relate to Buddhists. 

Let’s see the details about this amazing Polonnaruwa Sacred City. The temperature is really high in the city. You can explore the whole city within one day and there are a lot of religious temples to visit. There are some lakes filled with lotus and there are some lakes that you can swim there too. In religious places, you have to take off your shoes and wander around barefoot and the sand that you are walking on is hot. You can wear socks to bear the hotness of the floor. 

You can visit these places in this ancient city. 

1- The Pabalu Vehera

2- The Sacred Quadrangle 

3- The Swimming Pool

4- The Buddha Statue at Lankatilaka

5-Lord Buddha Figures at Gal Vehera

6- The Royal Palace

7- Polonnaruwa Tank

8 The Rankoth Vehera

9- The Dagaba Kiri Vehera

10-The Rankoth Vehera

Not only these places, but you will also find more places to visit that are rich with ancient architecture. To explore Polonnaruwa City, you can hire a tuk-tuk or rent a van from the city. There are places to rent vehicles. The city is a rural area of Sri Lanka. So you can explore how Sri Lanka’s rural life is going and what their foods are. 


9-Udawalawe National Park


Udawalawe National Park
Udawalawe National Park


If you are on a tour in Sri Lanka, it won’t compete without a safari ride. Udawalawe National Park is one of the most popular safari destinations in Sri Lanka. This park is known as a place where you can see elephant groups. This is a small National Park when comparing the other National Parks in the country. There is a 308.2km2 area that gives home to over 500 elephants. On a safari in the Udawalawe National Park, you will be able to see Elephant families that include baby elephants too. 

Other than elephants, you will see other animal kinds too. There you can see various types of birds, crocodiles. Wear a hat to avoid the sunlight. It is 165km from Colombo to the Park. The best way to get here is to hire a vehicle because public transport will tire you. You have a safari to enjoy so save your fresh mood. The best time to visit this animal’s kingdom is 7 am in the morning or 6 pm in the evening. Because you can avoid the hot temperature and you can catch the sunset for your vision. 

This is a place where animals live peacefully. So your responsibility is caring about their peace. You can lower your sounds and quietly explore their behaviors and get photographs without damaging their beauty. Always be in the safari jeep and avoid walking on the ground and listen to the driver of your safari jeep. You don’t need to book your safari before you go to the entrance point. There are many safari jeeps and you can hire one of them. Most of the time, you can get assistance from a travel guide too. 


10-Independence Memorial Hall / Independence Square


Independence Memorial Hall
Independence Memorial Hall


Sri Lanka got their independence from the British nation on Feb 4, 1948. As a national monument, this Independence Memorial Hall was built. This place is located in Independence Square and it is closely located in Colombo. You can see a relaxing park and jogging area here. There are shops that sell Sri Lankan foods and Sri Lankan arts here. And you can see a statue of the first prime minister of the country near the Independence Memorial Hall. The Independence Memorial Hall is the place Sri Lankans celebrate their special days like children’s days. 

Sometimes, you can see there are outdoor musical shows at Independence Square. If you are lucky you will be able to listen to some music shows too. It is very easy to reach here from Colombo, you will reach here within 30 minutes. Most of the travelers miss the museum that is located in the basement of the hall. If you visit this place, don’t forget to visit the museum and get to know about the history of this amazing country.

These are the list and details about the best 10 places to visit in Sri Lanka. If you are planning to travel on this amazing island, make sure to include these places on your list. Sri Lankans are a very friendly nation. Here you will experience how they treat you and how their culture is made with their values. Since this is an island, you can easily get beautiful beaches here. This is a hot temperature country, so make sure to be hydrated and bring a water bottle wherever you go. We hope you gathered some interesting information about this country and these places. 

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