10 Solo Travel Tips – All the Things that You Need to Know

Why is Solo Travel the Best Way to Travel?


Solo Travel is the best way to relax and find yourself. Whatever phase of life you’re in right now, whatever life may throw at you, whether it feels like success or failure, expected or unexpected, I have one message for you. Travel and travel solo. Today we’re going to talk about my experiences with solo travel, and how I can maybe help guide you to try it out for yourself. I have traveled to over 50 countries and 15 of those countries were solo trips. So I can tell you exactly what you need to do to make your travel dreams come true. I’m going to talk about how to first off navigate those fears of stepping into the big wide world alone, how to start saving for that trip, how to pack for that trip, how to make your itinerary and your plans, and everything else in between. Here is the best 10 Solo Travel Tips that you definitely know.


Solo Traveling Tips


Solo Travel Tips For Beginners-

Why Should You Travel Alone?


1-Find Yourself

With this busy world, you may not be able to find time to find yourself. Solo travel is one of the best ways to rethink your life and identify who you are. Take your time and find yourself while visiting the beauty of this amazing world. Maybe you will be able to fix your life if it is broken. Start again with the freshness that you collected with the trip and the new experiences. 


2-Meet New People

During your solo trip, you will meet people just like you who are traveling alone. Start a conversation and share some beautiful talks with them. Maybe one of them will be your best friend in the future. When talking to people that you don’t know, you have to be careful. Study their behavior and once you are confident start to say hi and smile. These new people will help you to find the next destination of your trip. 



When you travel alone, you don’t need to get permission for anything. You can enjoy every minute of your day. Collect memories and take pictures. Eat what you want and spend your day filled with joy. It is your time. 



On a solo trip, you get a lot of freedom. Use it wisely and always care about your safety. Always avoid illegal things and take the freedom that you own. If you drink, make sure to keep your limits. Because once done is done. You cannot change what you do when you are drunk. Remind yourself that you have no one to take care of you. Your savior is you. 



A solo trip is the first adventure in your solo trip. Do every outdoor activity that you are able to do. Swim, surf, play with sand and also find bungee jumping places too. Experience every activity and make your trip the best trip so far. 

You can feel all the freedom but you have to consider about the safety too. Check our Solo Travel Tips list and collect what you want to know.


Solo Travel Tips


10 Best Solo Travel Tips for Your First Trip 


If you’re thinking of traveling solo, you have come to the right place today. Let’s see the Best Solo Travel Tips.


Solo Travel Tips 

1- Pack Light


If you travel alone you have only you to carry all the things. The best size for a backpack is a 45-liter size. It is easy to carry and it is enough to store all the things you want to pack. And make sure to pack less valued items. Then you don’t have to guard your backpack every time. And if you can, get insurance for your stuff. Pack clothes that fit in anytime. Always try to choose basic fashions and avoid fancy items. Create a list of destinations that you plan to go to and choose the stuff that you want to pack according to your travel plan. Then you can have an items list and make sure to pack only the things that are in the list. 


2-Bring Copies of Important Documents


Collect copies of your important documents before going on your solo trip. Your passport, ID, insurance policy copies and Write a document with the details about the person that anyone can contact if wanted. And make sure you have backup debit or credit cards. And by the way, when you’re traveling alone, do not put your cash in one place. Make sure you distribute it between different bags, maybe put a tiny bit in your checked luggage, but not too much.


3-Bring a Map


I know you have google maps on your mobile device. But having a backup plan is always better than having one solution. Remind you are traveling by yourself. So you have the responsibility to take care of the safety too. If you lose your phone or if it is dead, you need to have a map. Having a map will make all things easy. When traveling to an unknown place, you may not know the language that locals speak. If you have a map you can get help by showing your destination with a map. In some countries, they have the worst wifi solutions and wifi coverage is not good in some places. So you need to have offline maps on your mobile phone. It will help you when you cannot connect your phone to the internet.


4- Get a Travel Insurance


Number four is to get travel insurance. I know it seems like a needless expense. But you never know what may happen. Just look at the world around us nowadays, the COVID madness that has enveloped the globe. None of us could have seen that one coming. Could we get travel insurance and make sure you have the right kind because doing different kinds of extreme sports skiing, snowboarding, stuff like that requires extra coverage. Also a bit of a technical tip. Some governments have services whereby you can sign up or message or email alerts, if something were to happen in that country whilst you’re there. 


5-Book  Accommodation


Tip number five is where to stay. So traveling away should stay. And that is easy. Stay in hostels. hostels are the hub of certain travelers, that’s where the most majority of solo travelers go. Because it’s so easy to meet people, not only hostels, you sleep with the same people. Not only do you sleep in the same dorm rooms, people, but there are also often meals you’d eat together, like breakfast or sometimes dinner. And so you meet lots of people, there’s also day tours you can go on. And that is where you meet other solo travelers. Also staying in hostels, a lot of people are in the same situation where they’re traveling solo, and they want to meet other people. So when you’re staying in hostels, you see a lot of like-minded people, and that’s who you want to meet. The other place to stay is guest houses if the hostel option isn’t there, because guest houses are a lot more local than hotels. And so like, the people who own the guest house will help you and often you do have breakfast together. And it’s more of a hostile happy environment, rather than a hotel, and you sleep in one room, and you don’t talk to anyone. So guest houses, if there aren’t any hostels, go for that. 


Solo Travel Tips


6- Don’t Be Drunk


You have the freedom to have a good time. But don’t, don’t get so drunk that you lie down around, because that puts you in danger. And at the end of the day, even if you are with people, you don’t know them, you haven’t known them for a long time to just be careful. Even though you think it is safe. You never know who it can be. It could happen in your own time, it could happen anywhere. So don’t put yourself in danger. There are some ways you can maybe make yourself feel safer, you could wear a fake wedding ring, pretend that you’re married, and your husband is just down the road and also hiding money.

7-Use Social Media 


And this is how to meet people through social media. So obviously, we live in a day and age where you’ve literally messaged someone you’ve never met before and just meet them. I’ve done this quite a few times throughout different trips that I’ve met people I’ve never met just through Instagram, through Tick Tock through Facebook groups, and is a great way of meeting people when I do recommend it on Instagram if you see someone’s in the local area and they might be traveling by themselves maybe they’re with a group just message them see if they want to hang out. You never know what situation they might want to be in. Maybe they’re traveling by themselves as well. And they want the company just to give a message. You never know what could happen. 


8-Bring a Reading Material 


Reading material is good company when you feel alone. You can read when in restaurants to eat. It will help you to ignore the loneliness around the crowd and also it is the best way to avoid strangers who come to bother you. If you travel via public transport, the transportation time may be boring. Having a book to read will save you in that kind of situation. 


9-Translating App


If you travel to a country that you don’t know to speak the local language, you must have a translating app on your mobile device. With this app, you can communicate with locals and get the information that you need. There are free apps on the play store and app store and select one by studying the reviews. And you can use the google lens service to identify the boards and written materials easily. Practice the apps and services that you will want to use before going on your solo trip. You must be familiar with the apps and online services. It will make your day. 

10-Eat at a Same Place


Select a restaurant that you can buy food for breakfast, lunch and also dinner too. When you eat at the same place, the people who work there will notice you and they will be familiar with you. This is the best way to avoid bad food experiences and also you can make sure your safety with this way. You can get information from your accommodation owners about the places that you can buy food. Once you find a restaurant name, check the reviews published on the internet with the restaurant’s name.  

These are the best Solo Travel Tips. Here is one of our popular articles about “A complete Guide For Snorkeling“. If you love to travel and do adventures check this article too.


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