11 Best Snorkeling in Florida

Is there any Best Snorkeling in Florida?


Yes! There are several best snorkeling places in Florida.  You can find both off-beach and offshore. If you have your boat, you can snorkel where you like to. But if you don’t have your boat you have to find the places which offer boat services. Here we hope to give you a proper idea about the best snorkeling places in Florida and what are the details you should know when you go snorkeling.

best snorkeling in Florida

The warm and pristine water in Florida is best for beginner snorkeling. It is suitable for kids too. Shore-dives will give you the chance to touch the deep ground. Put on your snorkeling mask and get ready to see the amazing snorkeling spots in Florida. You must visit these places.


11 Best Snorkeling in Florida 


1- Ginnie Springs, High Springs


Do you like crystal clear water snorkeling? There is a private park in North Florida named Ginnie Spring. This is one of the best spots for snorkeling in Florida. Here you can not only swim, but you can feel the fresh and clear water and water animals like fish and turtles too.

Since this is a private place, you have to pay a rental fee.  If you choose this place to experience snorkeling, you can do not only snorkeling but kayaking and tubing too. You can navigate your way throughout the Santa Fe River with snorkeling gear and goggles. You will be lucky to see catfish, mullet, and turtles here.


Best Snorkeling in Florida


2- Sombrero Beach in Marathon


Here is a rental-free snorkeling beach. Sombrero Reef is the biggest reef in the world for 3rd place by size. It has 30 acres of coral with marine life. Because of the natural beauty of this spot, this is very popular among local and non-local travelers. This is a safe place for snorkeling. So kids and beginners can do snorkeling here. Since this is a free place, you might wonder if there are any restrooms or tables. Yes, you have a lot of facilities here for your comfort. There are changing rooms, showers and also picnic tables with playgrounds. So your group can snorkel and play here too.  


3- Biscayne National Park


Biscayne National Park is located near south Miami and the north Florida Keys.  This is a very beautiful snorkeling place in Florida with a coral reef. If you are here, you have to start your snorkeling session by reaching the coral by boat. Here you can do snorkeling and scuba diving too. If you like to snorkel from shore, this is not the spot for you. Because you have to go far from the shore to get to the coral reef. There you can see ancient ships too. The place is very beautiful with a natural environment.


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4- Pigeon Key


The next spot is Pigeon Key. This is a small beach and a historic place. You have to get a ticket to visit and do snorkeling here. Here you can do day-outs, picnic days and play too. If you are visiting Marathon, there is a small distance to Pigeon Key. You must visit this beautiful place. The admission fee is about $12. You can see colorful fish and colorful stones here. 


5- Bill Baggs Florida State Park


You can see most snorkeling places with no access to snorkeling without a boat. Here is a place where you don’t want a boat to go snorkeling in the sea. Bill Baggs Cape Florida Cape, you can bring your gear and snorkel equipment and do snorkeling. Visit here to feel white sand and see a historic lighthouse. You don’t need to bring prepared foods here, you can manage your food requirements with restaurants there. 


6- Destin


Destin is 30 feet high and has an uncrowded shoreline. You can have 2-3 hour guided snorkeling here. If you are not a beginner at snorkeling, you can do it without guides. This has a man-made reef and jetty. You can swim and see plenty of fish. 


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7- Devil’s Den- Williston


Devil’s Den in Williston is a unique place that is privately owned. This place is allowed for scuba divers and snorkelers only. Once you enter the location you can feet into a dry cave with a natural skylight. This is like a hidden heaven for travelers. You will feel that you are snorkeling in a breathtaking world. This is not such a popular place due to it being a privately owned place.


8- Dry Tortugas


Dry Tortugas is West. You can get here by boat or seaplane. This is an island by the National Park. Here you can snorkel cleanly underwater. You can visit the beauty of marine life and living coral reefs. If you are a beginner or expert in snorkeling, this place is one of the best and naturally beautiful snorkeling places in Florida.


9- Cannon Beach- John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park


Most of the snorkelers visit this place to see real, natural reefs. You have to go on a boat for a snorkel tour. You cannot do offshore snorkeling due to this place’s naturally built coral reefs and ancient shipwreck. If you need to see that you can snorkel about 100 feet from the beach. 


10- Red Reef Park

Red Reef Park is an amazing place that offers not only snorkeling but picnics, night outs too. Red Reef Park is not a free check-in to snorkeling for non-residents. Don’t worry, your entrance fee is 17$- 19$. You can see natural coral reefs near the beach. There are 4 to 6 feet from the beach to the coral reef. The park is designed for snorkeling, picnic outs, and boardwalks. Visit here to feel the beauty of a real vacation.


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11- Peanut Island


Riviera Beach at Peanut Island is a beautiful place filled with colorful natural creatures and fish. You can get easy access due to this place being located in South Florida. Peanut Island is a man-made island. When it comes to fish creatures here, you can see small sharks here. If you come to Florida, make sure to visit Peanut Island to snorkeling. 


These are the 10 Best Snorkeling in Florida. I’ve ranked them with my research findings. For this article, I’ve gathered these pieces of information and ranked them according to the favor of real travelers who love to snorkel and do snorkeling as a hobby. If you are searching for the best and beautiful snorkel places in Florida, you have to trust that these are the best among the best spots for you. Snorkeling is not only an activity. It is like meditation for a stressful life. You can flow away from your stress, problems with the waves of the water. Talk to fish, explore marine life, live your life with happiness. 


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