Bungee Jumping – Everything You Need To Know About

What is Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jumping is also known as Bungy Jumping. This is jumping from a high height with an elastic cord or rope. The Bungee Jumping launching pad can be a natural geographic feature or building, bridge, or crane. And there are different jump types such as jumping above the ground such as hot air balloons, helicopter jumps. 

Doing a Bungee Jump at least once in a lifetime is a dream which comes first on the dream list of any person. This is a kind of scary experience but filled with a lot of happiness. Once you finish a jump, you will realize you’ve fulfilled your life. 

Here jumpers have to tie up their feet with an elastic rope or cord. Once the person free falls from the height place, the elastic cord gets high energy with the jump. With the energy got, the rope starts to stretch and rebound till the energy is lost.


Bungee Jumping, Bungy Jumping


Bungee Jumping is always conducted by well-trained and experienced professionals. And they use the best-conditioned, reliable equipment set. As all know this is a kind of terrifying activity. But this is a safe activity with a well-conditioned equipment set and a well-trained professional. 

All you need is an energetic mind and well-educated knowledge of how the jumping process is happening. There are a lot of things you must know before going for a jump. Read the full article and have a good confidence level to do this amazing life goal. 


History of Bungee Jumping


The origin of this marvelous activity is Antipodes, in the South Pacific Islands. According to legends, there was a woman on the island. That woman and husband had an argument or fight because that husband had a bad thought of his wife. He thought she was mistreating him. During the fight, the woman hid on top of a tree. Then the husband also climbed the tree once he found she was on top of the tree. Then the wife suddenly jumped from the tree but she tied her feet and ankle with vines. Husband also jumped with her but he was dead with the jump. However, the woman escaped due to the vine that tied her ankle saved her from tapping the ground.

After this coincidence, the people at the south pacific islands have started to practice tying their ankles with vines and jumping from a tree. This became a traditional activity. The people in the south pacific islands have this tradition in current days too. They do high jumps from trees on Saturdays from April to June every year. This is the legendary story of the origin of Bungee Jumping. Today, all over the world, there are a lot of beautiful places to do this amazing high jump. The legend has become a fantasy dream.


Is it dangerous activity?


Bungee Jumping is kind of a dangerous activity if you haven’t chosen the right professional and right pieces of equipment. And you need to be pre-prepared before you go for a high jump. If you are afraid to be in high places like high buildings or high bridges, you must think twice before going for a Bungy jump. 

If you have good confidence to be in a high place and if you are maintaining a good health condition, you don’t need to be scared of this amazing activity. Make sure to choose your jumping place and your professional person with good ratings. 


Bungee Jumping. Bungy Jumping


This is an adrenaline-filled activity like a sport. So some injuries can happen. Let’s see what those injuries are. Having a good idea about possible injuries will help you to be ready for those before going for the jumping place.

-Ankle Injuries

Here the elastic rope is tied around the ankle of the feet. Once a person jumps from a high place with this tie, the ankle gets a high level of pressure. Then the muscles of the ankle can get injured. 

This is the type of muscle injury. There is another injury where the ankle joint is twisted. With Bungee Jumping, the person gets into an unnatural position. That can be a cause for an ankle injury. 

-Eye Injuries

With the pressure that gets when jumping and the bounce of the elastic cord when jumping can occur to a jumpers’ eyes. This is a temporary injury. You can close your eyes when getting a high-pressure bounce and then open your eyes to protect your eyes. 

-Neck Injuries

Your neck is at risk during the jump. This injury can be a muscle injury. Sometimes when a neck injury happens, the jumper’s blood from the head and neck can be blocked. Here the jumper needs medical treatments soon because it can be a death cause too. 

-Spine Injuries

There are two types of spine injuries. The first one is temporary injuries. And the next one is permanent injuries. Most of the time all the injuries that get with bungee jumping can be healed. But rarely we see someone get hurt with permanent spinal injuries. Like the inability to move hands and legs. Don’t worry this is a very rare injury in this adventure activity. 


Unfortunately, death is also a possible thing with bungee jumping. The cord that is used for the jump can be entangled around the jumper’s neck. Then the blood and oxygen supply for the brain stops and then the person can die. And if the cord is too long, then the jumper’s head can touch the ground. And with high pressure, he got with the jump and the elasticity of the cord can make it a head injury. Here the person can be dead due to a head injury.

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