How to Train Your Dog to Be Social

How to Socialize My puppy


So you have a new puppy and wait to see the next step of your journey with your lovely pup. Most dog owners know the importance of socializing a puppy with the world. How to socialize your puppy with the people, kids, places, and also other dogs is an important matter. Every puppy and every dog can be socialized. All you need is a proper plan and proper guidance. Read the full article and you can get a lot of knowledge and you will be able to find the proper method that suits your puppy. 


Dog socialization is not only making your dog familiar with people it is about making the dog comfortable with the situations too. It is easy to socialize if your dog is under 4 months. He is still a puppy and trying to explore the world. Dogs exploring new things by sniffing and chewing them. As a dog owner, you can make it quickly by training your puppy in a proper way. 


How to Train Your Dog to Be Social


When it comes to people, start with kids. Your puppy may be afraid of kids. Kids are very active and running around. So it makes your puppy think the kids are not safe to reach. Allow your kids to join your puppy in their games. They can use softball to interact with each other. Then the puppy will understand the kids are not in danger for them. 

In our viewpoint, every person is a human being and it is no harm to the dress and types of equipment that they carry. But is it the same from the viewpoint of your puppy? The answer is no. Your puppy is still familiar with your dress code and the shape of your look. So you need to socialize your puppy with the people with uniforms, people with umbrellas, and also the people who are different from your look. (your skin color, hair color, body shape) And most importantly, dog socialization is a task that you must continuously do with the lifetime of your dog. Start with puppyhood and carry on with the time. 


Socializing Puppies


It is very easier to socialize your puppy than socializing an adult dog. The best time to start the socialization process is 3 weeks to 12 weeks. As the first step, you can create a list of what you should do with your puppy. The list must add the following characters. 


1- Add all kinds of people that include these.


-People with different hair colors

-People who have a beard

-Kids who are in different ages

-Adult persons in genders and sizes


2-Cats and other dogs 


3-If have other pets like birds, make sure to introduce them too


4-The objects that are near to your home like kids on bikes, strollers 


5-Introduce vehicles to your pup


6-Help your puppy to identify the different floors such as grass, and bricks floors


7-Finally you can introduce different types of environmental conditions such as rain, snow, woods, water, and also urban cities


How to Socialize My puppy

Socializing the Adult Dogs


You can socialize with your adult dog too. All you need is some patience and a proper plan. Your daily routine also helps you to do the task properly. Maybe you already doing these activities. 


Evening walks with your dog. 

   This activity will help you to increase your body fitness level and also the dog too. And most importantly, your dog can meet other animals and people who have different features. 


Invite your friends who have dogs. 

    Here you can give a dog time to your pet and then he will well socialize with other dogs. Here your dog will learn about other dog breeds too.


Join your dog at a dog care place. 

   You can allow your dog to go once or twice a week to the dog care place. This is one of the best options to socialize with other dogs easily. And your dog will learn some commands and activities also. 


Visit an animal park with your dog

    In an animal park, your dog will see every kind of animal. This is good for their knowledge and also exploring the world. 


How to introduce people to your dog


Sometimes dogs are scared when closing other people to them. You can tell the others that you want to introduce to your dog to keep their hands on their chest. It will fade away the scary feeling from the dog’s mind. And ask the persons to touch the dog’s chin and head. This action will get comfortability to your dog. Once your dog got comfortable with the person it will start to dance the tail and lay down the ears. Start speaking with the dog using a friendly tone. 

Make sure to be close to your dog when you are introducing new people to the dog. It will make comfort to your dog and also the person too. 


Be the guardian to your dog


Not like puppies, socializing the adult dogs can be a complicated task. You are the guardian of your dog. When you are introducing new persons, places, and things to your dog, your dog can get a little nervous and fear to feel. You can identify their fear with the following signals. 


  • Shaking
  • Tucked tail
  • Whining 
  • Trying to poof


If you noticed these kinds of actions from your dog. Don’t push your dog to new things. Talk with the dog and get away from the new thing that you wanted to introduce. Have a distance and try to introduce yourself again. If your dog still acts the same you can take your dog to a safe place and try again another day. 

When you maintain a distance, your dog may get confidence with the object. Then you can slowly get closer and fade away the fear. 


Do not do these mistakes 


  • Don’t yell at your dog.
  • Don’t push or pull hard from the leash and it will make your dog more aggressive.
  • Do not punish your dog in front of the new objects. It will reduce the confidence level of your dog



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