How to Stop Your Puppy From Eating Everything

Why My Puppy Eats Everything on the Ground


Having a puppy is a complicated thing for a small-time period. You both are adjusting to the new situation. First, try to understand that your puppy is the same as a human baby. The activities are the same when they are growing. Your puppy will act differently with their age. If a puppy eats everything that it sees, you can see its teeth are coming. When a puppy’s teeth are coming they need to bite something to press the teeth. 


Your puppy has no clue when it comes to put everything in its mouth and start to bite. So don’t blame and punish them. You can overcome this situation quickly and save your important stuff at your home place. 



There are two main reasons behind the question ‘Why Do Puppies Eat Everything?’ The first one is, as I mentioned before, this is the time they get their teeth stronger. So your puppy gets an itchy feeling in their mouth. Biting something and pressing the teeth is a temporary remedy for that itchy feeling. That’s why your baby puppy eats your shoe and other things. 


Your puppy is still new to the world and also your home. It is learning everything by experiencing. So puppies pick up the things that it sees and put it in its mouth and try to eat it. They find the things that are edible or not edible with biting things. Human babies also follow this method when they get teeth for the first time. Yeah! both are babies and they are exploring the world. 


Is it Harmful ?


Sometimes this can be a problem rather than damaging your stuff. If the puppy swallows something that is not edible it can be harmful to it. The swallowed item can be a metal, non digestible, or scented thing. Try to anticipate until the puppy stops this habit for itself. After two, three months their teeth will be stronger and they won’t feel that annoying itchy feeling anymore. When that time comes, they will know what is edible and what they cannot eat properly. Be patient and concerned about the things like rubber materials, shoes, sofa, floor mats, and also clothes until passing this small time period. Your puppy is growing up so fast and learning quickly. So be the parent of them until it passes the time of learning and exploring. 


Why my dog chewing everything


Chewing, it’s normal behavior for dogs especially for puppies. But apparently, if your dog is now about two years of age he must be over that habit of chewing. He must be out of the age of chewing. So now it has become a habit in a way it has become a kind of entertainment. I’m assuming but just a side note the reason dogs or puppies chew is mainly because they have gums that are bothering them. And it kind of feels funny and itchy and chewing causes them to relax and kind of massage their gums. But this happens again in puppies, not in a dog.


If a dog is constantly chewing things around I’m guessing that because the dog didn’t have that opportunity to fade it out. It became a learned behavior with time. 


How to Stop my Dog from Eating Everything


The first thing that I would suggest doing is to control the situation as a dog owner. We need to control and confine the dog and its environment. One of the biggest mistakes that we make as dog owners is that we give too much freedom to our dog’s thinking that it’s a good idea. It’s a good thing for them. But in general, it causes them a lot of stress when you give the whole house to the dog. It becomes too much for dogs. It causes them to come and leave and it’s stressful. As well, that little stress can also cause them to start chewing on things. 


Step 1- Puppy Proof Home


So the first thing that you want to do is confine and control and manage the environment. Most of the time we think about baby-proofing the house when we’re getting a baby. In this case when we have a puppy or dog, especially a dog who has the habit of chewing things. We want to actually dog-proof the environment. 


So put everything that you can away from the point of view of the puppy. If your dog is a tall dog, you have to consider that. Dog proofing proof the environment that is in that could be just one room or one area. That the dog is allowed or the whole house in the way of boredom or lack of enough stimulation or proper stimulation may have caused the dog to get stressed. And also chew on things. 


Step 2- Closely Supervision


Keep in touch with your puppy. Close supervision is a must when training a new puppy. Use a bell on its leash to know where it is and where it is going. If you have difficulties keeping an eye on your puppy, use a crate until you can pay attention to your puppy. 


Step 3- Use the Command


If your puppy is trying to chew something other than food, use a command to stop at the right time. You can use the word ‘No’ simply. Once your puppy gets something in the mouth, use the ‘Drop It’ phrase until he drops it. Once after he dropped, you can say ‘Good Boy’ and have a little moment with them. 


Step 4- Reward the Puppy


Everyone loves to have a treat. Your puppy also loves treats. You can make a treat box for them. Make sure to add the things to the box that your puppy actually loves. It may be a food or toy. Treat the puppy when they stop the bad behaviors on your command. 


Step- Consistency


Always use the same commands for the same behaviors. Then the puppy will learn the meaning of the command very quickly. And maintain the treating system until the puppy is well trained for the matter. 


What Should I Do If My Puppy Ate Anything then Foods?


Before completing the puppy training, your puppy may eat something that can be harmful to them. Here are some tips to overcome this bad situation and this will help you to take care of your puppy. 


  • Most of the time, the objects that your puppy ate will pass with the poops within 24 to 48 hours. But this can be possible if the swallowed object is small. 


  • If you know what the object and the size of it can cause to the puppy, quickly take him to the vet. Then the vet will make the puppy and get the object out. 


  • Sometimes puppies eat grass. Most of the time the grass is a medicine for a stomach ache, and also it is a vitamin supplier. Get advice from the vet, if your puppy eats grass continuously. It can be a sign of a medical condition. 


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