How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads

Use a Potty Pad to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty


How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads is not a big deal now. Using a Potty Pad is introducing a special place for your puppy to go potty. You can choose a specific place that is a visible and constant place for the potty purpose. You have to choose something that has a good absorbing level and that is easy to clean. And make sure to select the area with enough space for your puppy’s age and the breed. Because some breeds need a heavy place and some need a small place. Buying a potty pad is the better option for this. But, you can use paper towels, old newspapers and also you can use indoor floor carpets for this. 


How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads

These are the inexpensive methods that you can try. But it is a little difficult to clean and use again and again. Sometimes, the paper towels may not be enough to absorb. If it is a cloth material, you have to wash and dry it regularly, and also your puppy will try to chew or play with the cloth. 


So the best option is buying pee towels that can be disposable. They are very absorbing and easy to dispose of. And use a potty pad for the potty purpose. When choosing them, you can choose those that match the puppy with the matching size and the absorbing level.

And there are Potty Stations that can be used indoors. With this, you can easily introduce the potty area. The area can be designed that suits the puppy and your favorite designs. 

1- Introduce the Potty Pads to Your Puppy


First, you have to allow your puppy to see the potty area and make sure it is not scary. Once the puppy is satisfied with the place, you can easily train the puppy to go on a potty pad. Walk with the puppy around the potty area and let him see and sniff. Then you can choose a command before starting the training. Choose like these commands: It’s Potty Time, Go Potty. Make sure to use the same command every time and then the puppy will be familiar with the words.  Repeat the command word while your puppy is walking near the potty area. 


2- Read the Puppy’s Behavior


Until finishing the potty training period, you need to stay close to the puppy to read and understand the behavior of the puppy. It will take a few days to become familiar with the potty pad. You can study your puppy every three hours. Normally, puppies need to go potty after eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping. You can take it near to the potty pad and let it be familiar with the potty area. 

Sometimes your puppy suddenly sniffs while playing or eating, it is a sign that it will need to go on the potty. 

Usually, a puppy needs to potty after every two to three hours. You can train it by taking it near the potty pad every two, three hours. Then it will be a habit. After a few days, it will go to the potty pad once it has the need to urinate or potty. 


3- Use the Same Command and Be Consistent


Create a specific time schedule to do the potty. It will make everything easier. When you have the time schedule, you can anticipate your puppy when it is the time. With the training of a few days, the puppy will urinate and defecate according to the time schedule that you trained.  

Use the same place to keep the potty pad until the puppy starts to use the potty pad without commanding. When you use the same place consistently, your puppy will know what the potty pad is and what it is for. You can choose the place that is near to the door. If you don’t like to have it indoors, you can choose an outdoor place that is near to the dog’s playing area. Then it will be familiar with the puppy very quickly.


4- Reward Your Puppy


Rewarding your puppy is the best way to appreciate your puppy’s behavior. You can use the words that your puppy loves. And it can be toy time, cookie time, or some petting time with your puppy. Once your puppy uses the potty pad correctly, quickly reward the puppy. Let it know they got rewarded because of their good behavior at the potty time. Rewarding your puppy is one of the main tasks of Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads. 

How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads

Things to Avoid


Your puppy does not know the purpose of the potty pad. So make sure to avoid following things until the puppy gets the purpose of the potty pad and the potty area. 


  1. Don’t change the place of the potty area and the place of keeping the potty pad. 
  2. Don’t let the puppy use the potty pad to keep their food. 
  3. Don’t let it chew or bite the potty pad.
  4. Make sure to reward the puppy once they use the potty pad correctly. 

Tips to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads


If you are having problems when training the potty pads follow these tips. 


  • Place the potty pad closer to the play area and the place they eat their food. 
  • You need to anticipate the puppy’s behavior. Hang a bell around the neck, then you can find where the puppy is. 

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