Mystics Beach Kiama – Paradise of Camping and Surfing

Are you looking for a quiet surf beach? Mystics Beach is the best quiet surf beach in Kiama, New South Wales (NSW). This is known as Minnamurra Beach too. This beach is the perfect place for travelers who looking for a crowd-free, private and secluded place to camping and surf.


Location to the beach


Mystics Beach also known as Minnamura Beach is located in Killalea State Park, New South Wales. There are two famous beaches in Killalea State Park. Mystics Beach and Killalea Beach, better known as “The Farm”.
If you drive from south of Sydney, you will be able to get reached with two hours. Mystics is located after the Minnamurra River estuary. It can be a bit hard to find the Minnamurra Beach for a newcomer. So remind yourself to bring a map with you. This is one of the most beautiful and so quiet beaches on the South Coast. The specialty here is located between the Minnamurra River estuary and the sea. Travelers can feel the clean and most satisfying surf and swimming experience here.


Mystics Beach
Mystics Beach- Kiama

How Mystic Beach got its name


The first who discovered this amazing surf place saw the land fog and sea mist combining and create a mystical spot scenery. That’s was the reason surfers said: “mystics beach” for this beautiful and curious place. The beach shape is elongated. This place has magical scenery for those who are willing to surf, fishing and swimming at a magical beauty-filled but natural place.


Activities to do in Minnamura Beach


Killalea State Park’s borders are Shell Harbor and the Kiama. And it has two surf beaches in the park as The Farm and Mystics Beach. Both beaches are recognized as surfing beaches. Here travelers can experience a very unique view and its very special ecosystem with rich food resources too.
There are a lot of activities which travelers can do here.


1- Camping at Mystics Beach

Don’t forget to take a camping kit when you going to see this amazing beach. Camp night in a quiet and nature sounds-filled environment is the best way to meltdown your working stress and tiredness. Have a warm coffee with the sounds of waves.

2- Read a Book

If you want to find real peace, make sure to bring a book with you. Reading a book is one of the best feelings which anyone can feel. Adding a mystic nature is the way to feel that feeling in an advanced manner.

3- Surf

You have the best beach for surfing. Ready to be cool with the sea waves and the smell of the sea. Let the waves wash over your body. But make sure to be careful. This beach has playful waves so pay attention to warning signs and lifeguard instructions on boards.

4- Barbeque Night

If you are going to Mystics Beach with your friends, you can have a small party vibe there. But make sure to protect the place and nature. Collect your trash with you. Barbeque Night is one of the best party vibes you can enjoy with friends.

5- Watch Sunset and Sunrise

A day at a beach! what a wonderful day that you can spend. You have free scenery to see a mystics sunset and a beautiful sunrise. Enjoy a beautiful evening with your family and friends with Mystics Beach’s Sunset.




You can do camping in the Minnamura Beach or you can book accommodation via

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