Nickerson State Park Camping – Best Day Out Destination

Nickerson State Park Camping


Nickerson State Park Camping is the best destination for day outings. Because their open hours are from 9 am to 11 pm only. Travelers cannot stay at night. Travelers who love to experience various activities in one place, this is the ideal place for them. 

Nickerson State Park is located in Brewster, MA on Cape Cod. And there are 1900 acres filled with wooded trails, ponds, and over 400 campsites.

Nickerson State Park Camping
Nickerson State Park Camping

Travelers who love the Yurt experience, Tent Camping, this is a great place near Boston. As Nickerson State Campers reviews, there is a high demand for these campsites when it comes to the summer months. Travelers have to reserve their places and activities before planning the camping day. 

You might think there is any beach experience here, yes travelers can get a beachy environment with the camping area. 


If you have registered before going for the Nickerson State Park Camping, it is very easy to check in for the campsite. You don’t need to bring wood for wood fires. You can buy firewood and the foods like snacks that you want at the store there. 

The place is specially made for camping and day-outs. There are different campsites with different site sizes. You can get details at the check-in point or when registering. You have space for your camping tent. And there is enough space for your parking too. You will get a picnic table and woodfire with the campsite. There are clean bathrooms that can use campers. 

To maintain the crowd of the campsites they Nickerson State limits their campsite plots when allocating for the camping requests.


Nickerson State Park Camping

10 Activities to do in Nickerson State Park Camping

1- Boating 

You can experience both motorized and non-motorized boat experiences. This is a funny activity for kids too. 

2- Basketball Playing

You are going camping to get a break from your workload. You may didn’t have played some sports in a while. Play basketball and get free from your mind. Enjoy and get tired of this adrenaline-filled sports activity. 

3- Camping

This is a campsite. You should go camping here. Remember to bring a camping tent with you. You and your friends or family can have a good time in your tent. Explore the night sky and enjoy the day while having a good chat.


You are in Cape Cod, you can go hiking too. Wear suitable shoes and are ready for hiking. Hiking is a time-consuming activity. But you can get a lot of joy with the scenery view and the natural geographic. 

5- Swimming

Swimming in a natural environment is kind of the best feeling that you can get. Summer months are the best time to visit Nickerson State Park Camping Campsite. Imagine summer and good swimming. It is a good combination to feel. So don’t miss it. Make sure to bring your swimsuits in your clothes baggage.

Outdoor activities

6- Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing is another activity you can do with water. There are several types of ponds here. This is a safe activity that you experience when you are camping. You can freely ride it or do a canoe race with your fellows. Canoeing comes with paddling a canoe with a single-bladed paddle. 

We have reminded you to bring bikes and kayaks when coming to this place. Kayaks are floatable with double paddling. You can sit and paddle across the water. 

7- Horseback Riding

Horseback riding was one of the ancient transportation methods. Once you start to ride a horse, it will help you to forget every bad emotion and stress will go away. It is a very rewarding and exciting activity. Nickerson State Campsite provides you with horse riding while your camping is ongoing. 

8- Biking

The campsite doesn’t provide bikes to campers. Your bikes will welcome you when you check in. Biking in trails and mountain areas is another activity. It is an exercising sport. You can ride bikes on other days of your life too. But biking in a different place which is filled with a natural environment will give you a different feeling. 

9- Fishing

There are ponds that you can fish here. You can eat what you catch and if you don’t want to eat them, you can catch and free them again. 

10-Educational Programs

If you want to plan an educational program on a camping site, this is the best place. You can get permission on the official Nickerson State Camping website and plan your program. 

Boat Rides

Restrictions – Nickerson State Park Camping


You can take your dog with you but you have to assist your pet. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the beach. 


Restricted to use alcohol in the campsite. 

Maximum Limits-

You can boat with the ponds. But you need to aware of this. They are limiting the maximum limits to horsepower. 


You cannot bring firewood from outside. You can gather your firewood essentials from the store of the Nickerson. 


-You can do camping while you experiencing nature.

-The state offers access to beach wheelchairs. So you don’t need to limit your interests.

-You can access Cape Cod Trail.



When you came to this amazing place you will get the following facilities. These facilities will help you to get a fresh and enjoyable camping experience.

-Bike Paths 

-Boat Ramp






Special Notice – Nickerson State Park Camping

Make sure to bring your bikes, kayak. You are going to have a good time and a good experience here. And there are bugs due to the natural environment. So bring a bug spray with you.

You can bring your pets with you. But you have to assist them. You can’t leave them free. Always have an eye on them. 

The prices are different for Massachusetts residents and nonresidents. The resident’s price is 22$ for a night camping. And it will be 70$ for nonresidents. This is for solo camping. The price is higher than this for group camping. 35$ for residents and 100$ for nonresidents for group camping. 

Yurt prices are as follows. 45$ for residents and 120$ for nonresidents for small yurts for a night. And large yurts are 140$ for nonresidents and 55$ for Massachusetts residents.

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