The First Day With Your New Dog- Tips for First 24 Hours

The First Day With Your New Dog


You have a new member to cuddle and spend some cute moments with. You must be nervous about how you spend the first 24 hours with your new dog. Firstly, welcome the lovely four-legged family member to your family. You are going to be a mom or dad to a little one. The experience is similar to how new parents feel in the first 24 hours with their first baby. You must be questioning ‘Am I doing right? Don’t think too much, you are doing good. With our tips, you will be a pro. 

What to do on the First Day With Your New Puppy


1- Make them feel the place

After welcoming the new dog member, make sure to spend some time with the new dog. And leave the dog free to explore the new place and adjust to the place. Your home will be their home too. You need to prepare before taking your new dog to your home. If you didn’t prepare before, don’t worry you can buy these things today.

Make a box for your dog’s essentials. You can use your cupboard’s drawer or make a cardboard box for it. You can use doggy-style decorating paper to decorate it.


Here is the list of essentials for the first day with your new dog


  1. Puppy Foods 
  2. Puppy Toys (balls, soft toys)
  3. Treats
  4. Food and Water bawls
  5. A leash and a collar
  6. Poop Bags or potty seat
  7. And if you have a place for a dog’s space make ready the place

2- Give a Privacy Time

Today is the first day of your dog, so the place is still new to them. So make the environment without heavy sounds and make sure to don’t invite anyone to your home until your dog gets familiar with your family and your home. Then the dog can explore the space and realize there is no harm for them. After the dog gets relaxed. you can see how they react. You can see them laying down in a corner. It is a sign that he fitted into the place. Let them have a nap.


Then you and your youngsters can have playtime with them. Make sure not to do heavy running activities on the very first day. Touch your pet and make them feel loved. A dog must have 20 hours of sleep per day. Check about the sleeping hours for the first few days. A dog, after a good sleep, goes to their bathroom break. It is a sign of their health level.


3- Name Your Dog

On the first day, you can name your new family member. For this, you can study their actions and name, or you can discuss with your family members and select the best name. Here are some name suggestions for your new puppy. Naming your dog is one of the main thing that you need to do when the First Day with your new dog. 


  1. Bella
  2. Lucy
  3. Daisy
  4. Luna
  5. Lola
  6. Riley
  7. Zoe
  8. Lilly
  9. Sadie
  10. Molly



  1. Loki
  2. Gus
  3. Hank
  4. Koda
  5. Blue
  6. Thor
  7. Buster
  8. Archie
  9. Gunner
  10. Lucky

4- Introduce a Potty Space

You have to introduce a food area and potty space to them. After a good sleep, you can introduce the potty area to them. Because after sleeping they are waking up to the bathroom needs. For this, you can select a place with grass. You can use your backyard for this. And if you want to select an area indoors, you can take your puppy to a specific place and wait a few minutes. Once the dog figures out, this is the potty place, they will start it. Normally puppies want to do their potty task every two hours. 

If your dog is not a puppy and an older dog that is trained at a home, you can introduce your home and the space to the dog. And make sure to reward them once they do their activities correctly. It will take a few days for your lovely new dog to start their daily routine. 


5- Introduce a Toy 

This is kind of similar to potty training. As you know puppies love to chew anything like shoes or furniture. Study how your new puppy behaves and if the puppy tries to chew or bite furniture or anything, you can introduce a chewing toy instead of chewing other things. Obviously, you don’t want to destroy your home items, you have to train your puppy and teach them to behave well. 


6- Create a Pet-Friendly Zone

After these things are done, you will have free time. Use this time to create a pet-friendly zone for your new puppy. You can make the place with some boundaries. The boundaries can be removed once the puppy gets familiar with your home. You will need a dog bed, crate, comfortable blanket, food and water bowls, and some toys to make over the puppy’s space. With these, your puppy will feel this is its home. Within a few days, the puppy will adjust to the place and the family members. 


7-Protect your Home Stuff

With a new puppy, you have to take care of the furniture, shoes, and kid’s stuff. For this, you can store them away from the puppy’s space. Especially shoe closets. This is not a long term thing. You can wait a few more days to settle down the puppy. After that time your puppy won’t bite anything other than food.


8- Puppy’s First Night

The first night with your new puppy will be the same as a baby’s first night. You can be careful if the dog is sleeping or if there is any problem. Make sure to fill the water bowl and sleep. Because if a puppy gets thirsty, it won’t be a good sleep for them.

Yes, it is exciting to have a new puppy. But honestly, the first day with a new puppy is kind of challenging. They are more like human babies. They need love, they need your company, cuddle times and talk with them with the name that you selected. You can use a name tag for your dog. Always try to do activities and talk. Sometimes they cry, so you can cuddle them, and then they feel like you are their mom or dad. And it will be a strength to them. 

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